Insights from Valeria, IPPAG’s Sustainability Manager

A few insights from Valeria, IPPAG’s newly appointed Sustainability Manager (LinkedIn Profile).

Valeria is in charge of overseeing the implementation and development of IPPAG’s industry specific and ISO certified Carbon Tracking Tool and creating a group-wide ecoscore for our members.

Here are her main takeaways from this first trip to Hong Kong and her first IPPAG experience:

🍀 Sustainability Awareness: In Europe, we’re constantly exposed to sustainability messages in the media but in many other parts of the world, this isn’t the case. It’s enlightening to see that in these regions, sustainability often comes from personal commitment rather than widespread societal or legislative pressure.

🍀 Commitment in Challenging Environments: I greatly admire those who prioritize sustainability in countries where cost considerations dominate and renewable energy options are limited. Your unwavering commitment in such challenging contexts is truly commendable and inspiring.

🍀 The Power of Choice: Sustainability can seem overwhelming because it’s a complex issue. But it all boils down to a choice. We can either see new laws and sustainability requirements as threats or as opportunities. Choosing the latter gives you a competitive edge now and ensures your business thrives in the future, as sustainability becomes the norm. Ignoring it will only lead to greater challenges in the future.. Not too big of a choice after all, right?

🍀 Collaboration and Support: Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Many companies face similar challenges, and there are countless others specializing in sustainable solutions. Reach out, share knowledge, and help each other. The favor will come back to you when you need it most.


We couldn’t agree more: one of the many reasons we’re delighted to have her join the team.

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