A purpose defined by shared values

The time for nice words is over… If you want to leave a legacy and be proud of the work you do everyday: discover a place where your personal values can align with your professional ones:

we are gathering


who want to turn our industry into a source of

conscious innovation & sustainable growth

benefitting their clients, employees & the planet.


Our pillars are here
to show you
the way….

Be a changemaker by...


Being actively involved in improving working conditions and income across our supply chain.

Creating and developing opportunities for local communities and economies, Encouraging social entrepreneurship.

Fostering collaboration, supporting initiatives, and cultivating talent within IPPAG: across countries, regions and cultures.

Aligning values: respecting each countries pace and specificities, whilst promoting group-wide inclusivity and accountability.


Collaborating within and beyond our industry: acting as a hub for new ideas and as an incubator for their application.

Leveraging collective IT capabilities to enable and imagine next-generation platforms and solutions.

Combining established experience and know-how, with pioneering and innovative perspectives to address today and tomorrow’s challenges.

Always questioning the status quo: revisiting good ideas to find the next great ones.


Minimizing environmental impact from start to end, especially carbon footprint via proprietary tools and certified methodology. (IPPAG Carbon tracking tool)

Promoting the use of materials that respect human and environmental health. Facilitating the reuse, recycling and recovery of materials.

Creating well-designed products that are made to last: that will be used, appreciated and kept.

Questioning and prioritizing the purpose of products, and the campaigns they are part of: maximizing effectiveness.

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