IPPAG Guatemala meetings

As well as meeting at industry related events throughout the year, IPPAG members come together in a host country every September / October for a week of in-depth and intense exchanges.

This years events were held from October 17th to 20th in the UNESCO heritage colonial city of Antigua in Guatemala, and were hosted by local IPPAG member company Gimmick Co.

The theme for the week, inspired by IPPAG’s current rebranding initiative was ‘Changemakers’ with 4 days of curated events and experiences: taking participants on a journey from becoming changemakers for themselves, their companies, and our community to our industry and market.

Guatemala provided an exceptional setting for the process: with all venues being close to nature, and all content being inspired by ancestral wisdom, in collaboration with local changemakers and innovators. 


Our inspiring and changemaking Agenda:


Day 1:

IPPAG rebranding: new brand and bigger purpose.

Member workshop: How do you IDENTIFY with / can you BENEFIT from / and INTEGRATE IPPAG’s new identity

Day 2:

IPPAG Changemakers

“How we exist in a changing world…”: member contributions


Guest: Philip Wilson: EcoFiltro / El Cubo innovation hub

“Why social entrepreneurship makes sense”: the personal / societal / and financial values   


Guest: Craig Dunlap: Delegate CX (a US / Philippine based offshoring company)

“The story of the transformation and creation of a company within our industry: scaling up, growth, set-backs, culture, etc…” and the personal story of “what it took to get there”

Day 3:

IPPAG rebranding and beyond: activation: what elements, projects, timelines…

Our host and IPPAG Chairman, Byron Chavarria gave all guests a very warm welcome:

« I am absolutely thrilled to host the IPPAG family on my home turf.

Our dedicated team and esteemed Board members have been hard at work curating an exceptional program filled with exciting content and engaging activities, all designed to foster collaboration and facilitate learning. 

It is our sincere hope that this event, set against the backdrop of the beautiful natural surroundings of Antigua, Guatemala, will serve as a reminder of the awe-inspiring wonders that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. 

As we embark on this exploratory journey together, I encourage each and every one of you to ponder what we might uncover during our time here. The discoveries we make will be yours to share, and I eagerly anticipate the valuable insights and experiences we will gain from one another. »


IPPAG’s General Manager, Florence Mosnier who is in charge of the content of events gave this testimony:

« Having now hosted many IPPAG meetings in locations all-over the world, I am sincerely moved to still find something uniquely special about each occasion to bring the group together. And Guatemala just raised the bar!

All the ideas that have been brewing for the last few years are finally taking shape: internally and externally. 

Working on our rebranding project has perhaps been the most profound of journeys so far: and I am really excited at now being able to invite our members to join in too, and to share this within the industry at large very soon.”

IPPAG’s annual conference for 2024 is due to be held in Belgium next September hosted by Kick&Rush.

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