New brand, greater purpose

In the coming months, you will see many changes in IPPAG.

We are not just talking about the new logo and branding, although it is the central expression of our new path.

We have done a deep review of our community, industry and market’s needs and the interests of our members and partners: to redefine our purpose and make it our guide to address the future. We trust that you feel as excited as we do about this new direction because, the more we are, the greater our impact…

So the new brand image that we present to you shows that everything is about to change at IPPAG. We are creating a new environment so that our members and partners have an improved experience with new opportunities that combine their personal and professional values. And we are asking everyone to be an active part in this rebirth of our Cooperative.

As the leading global Cooperative of branded merchandise companies, we want to share with you our mission to connect the good and the better in our industry.

This redefined purpose places People, Ideas, and Planet at the centre of our actions to turn our industry into a source of conscious innovation and sustainable growth. And we invite you to be part of the change.

Read more on our dedicated Purpose page and enjoy our new video that tells this story.

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